Mission Statement
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Established in August 1968, the National Black Sisters' Conference (NBSC) is an inclusive Catholic organization of vowed Black Catholic Women Religious   and Associates from many congregations of religious across the United States.  The NBCS holds an annual meeting and co-sponsors a joint conference of Black Catholic women religious, clergy, brothers, seminarians, deacons and their wives.

As women religious and associates, we draw strength and courage from God, support one another in the faith; and hold our elders in high esteem. We study, speak and act on issues that impact the social, educational, economic, and religious milieu of the United States and the world community.  We promote a positive self-image among ourselves, and all African Peoples.  We believe that through the power of the Spirit working in and through us we can be witnesses of Jesus Christ in the communities where we live and serve.


1.  To provide ongoing communication and dialogue that focuses on the education, support, and advocacy for Black Catholic Women  
     Religious  and members of the Black Community.

2.  To make use of the energies within the National Black Sisters' Conference for the development of the personal resources of individual

     sisters and to deepen the spirituality, unity and solidarity of Black Women Religious and the Black Community.

3.  To serve as a ministry clearinghouse for Black Catholic Women Religious who want to serve within the Black Community.

4.  To be a resource for compiling and providing statistical research on Black Catholic Women Religious throughout the United States.

5.  To develop and utilize fully, the potential represented by the NBSC through effective participation in National Black Catholic

     organizations by initiating or endorsing activities and programs which support and enhance the growth of Black Catholic leadership
     within our religious communities, church and society.

6.  To promote a positive self-image among ourselves, and Black Peoples, especially in our Black youth, through increasing their knowledge

     of and appreciation for the beauty of the rich historical and cultural heritage of Black Peoples throughout the world.

7.  To initiate, organize and participate in self-help programs which educate and develop the gifts and skills of Black Catholic Women

     Religious and members of the Black Community while encouraging all to use their gifts, skills, and resources for the benefit of the
     community at large.

8.  To stimulate community action aimed at the achievement of social, political and economic power of Black People as we participate in

     programs that already exist in the civid communities to which we belong.

9.  To collaborate with our Native American, Latino/a-Hispanic American, Euro-American and Asian American sisters and brothers who share

     with us the goal of serving the poor and marginalized by creating a communion of people committed to forging unity within the global